The XYZ Company Limited with employees’ base of over 500
workers had been seriously affected by the emergent of the pandemic.
This has resulted in low productivity and sales which made the company
to transfer its ownership to new investors named ABC Company Ltd. With
the management of XYZ Company, the Union was able to demand for some
unwritten policies and based on the relationship that co-existed between
management and union these demands were granted on humanitarian
grounds. Union leaders are afraid that with coming of the new company,
those privileges may not exist and therefore there is the need to
formalize some of these requests through negotiations. An example of
the unwritten policy is the frequent request for compassionate leave.
Both Union and Management representative want to negotiate the revision
of the existing leave policy to include compassionate leave.

As a Union Representative of ABC Company Ltd, prepare your
proposal on Compassionate Leave policy to be discussed at the next
negotiation which is scheduled to take place at the Company’s Board
Room. Your proposal should include but not limited to the following:
How many days of compassionate leave will be provided?

Will time off from work for compassionate leave be paid or unpaid? If paid, at what rate of pay?

Will part-time employees qualify to receive the compassionate leave benefit?

Whose death would qualify as an occurrence permitting an
employee to take compassionate leave? Be sure to be specific when
defining terms such as ‘‘immediate family member” or ‘‘relative.’’

Must an employee offer any proof to verify a death has
occurred in order to receive compassionate leave? If so, what type of
evidence or proof would be acceptable?

What is the procedure an employee must follow to request compassionate leave?

How far in advance must an employee request compassionate leave to cover a period of absence from work?

Who has authority on behalf of the employer to grant or deny an employee’s compassionate leave request?

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