Consider the following extract and use it to answer the questions that follow.

Kristin Berry, Miss Design Berry

Kristin Berry moved to New York City and scored a job in pharmaceutical advertising. Though the job

was great, she still needed to earn extra money just to pay bills and have some money left over.

So Berry took her graphic design skills to work and opened up an Etsy shop in 2011, selling logo

designs, illustrations, and more. While she started out with multiple offerings, she realized there was

one thing that was selling like hotcakes.

“I quickly realized that the wedding products were selling faster than any others, and my illustration

style lent itself perfectly to the designs,” she says.

Two years into her side hustle, she hired her first part-time employee. After a few years of work, she

quit her full-time job in July 2015 to pursue her side hustle full-time. Now she has launched her stand

alone site, and is close to having a million in revenue.

“I now work at home and have over 20 women who work remotely for me, allowing them to each have

their own creative side hustles as well,” explains Berry.

Her advice for others looking to start a side hustle and make it full-time? Just start. “There is no perfect

time, perfect product or perfect idea. The biggest thing I have learned during my adventures in owning

a business is that most people don’t start out with their whole business planned out,” she says.

She also advises would-be entrepreneurs not to quit their day job right away, but to take careful,

consistent steps which will turn into great strides.

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Accessed: 30/03/2020
Question 1 (30 Marks)

Drawing on the extract for inspiration, conduct a viability study on a business opportunity you foresee or

have heard about.
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