Kristen is creating software so that a rapidly expanding shipping company can more quickly identify the location of its shipments. However, each location it ships to has its own identification system for the crates. She is now contacting each location to inform them that they will all need to standardize their identification systems for reasons of efficiency.

Scenario 2

Hannah is working to update the communication network of a variety of different companies and systems that share information with a local hospital. However, because the information being shared deals with health records, she is required to create a system in which knowledge of each entity’s computer information system will not be necessary.

1. _______ is an example of an electronic data interchange, a type of technology that allows a company to send information to another company _________ .

One important thing to remember is that all of this information technology is created to aid in the process of acquiring knowledge. Software developers have created specialized information systems that provide sophisticated tools to help managers make decisions, referred to as________ .

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