Organizational justice is concerned with the extent to which people believe they are receiving fair treatment at work. The three main components of organizational justice are distributive, procedural, and interactional. This activity is important because knowledge of justice theories will allow managers to better understand their employees’ concerns and will equip them to better motivate workers.

The goal of this activity is to challenge your knowledge of the three forms of organizational justice.

Listed below are questions that an employee might ask. Select the form of organization justice that each question pertains to. If a question does not pertain to a form of organizational justice, select “Does not apply.”

1. How fair is the salary I received this year?

2. Does my supervisor treat me with respect and kindness at work?

3. Did my organization use biased decision tools to determine employee salaries?

4. Is there a grievance procedure available to me if I feel I’m not receiving enough compensation at work?

5. Does everyone’s paycheck accurately reflect what they deserved to earn this month?

6. Should I take this job or get another one?

7. Was my organization honest with me when they said they couldn’t afford to give me a raise?

8. Am I management material?

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