Write a message to me (your instructor, Bruce McAlpine) in which you provide some basic information you will use to write your report in Part 4 Format your message as an email. (Use appropriate email formatting at the top of your assignment.) Use a direct approach (begin with a very short paragraph which states the main idea of your email). Use vertical lists and headings as you see fit. Your email must provide the following information The company you have chosen to work for and why The type of professional development (topic what you will leam) you are interested in and why (you may choose to give several PD options here) How this professional development will complement the skills and knowledge you have acquired in your program at Humber How this professional development will benefit the company you work for You need to do the necessary research to choose an appropriate company and the type of professional development you are proposing. However, the information you provide here should be very general For this part of the project, you do not need to provide details about the actual PD activities you will do the way in which the PD is delivered the time frame, or the cost. For this reason, unless you quote, it will not be necessary to include in text citations or reference page entries
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