Analyze the situation and answer the questions from a to d. Each answer must be approx 1 paragraph. Trader Bell’s Chicken Restaurant was stablished in Everett 5 years ago. It features a unique recipe for chicken. “Just like my grandmother used to make.” The facility is homey, with relaxed and friendly service. Customers normally wait about 15 minutes to be served. Business has been good during past few years, for both lunch and dinner. The number of customers grew by 30% last year. With increase in number of customers, workers started to process several customer orders at once. Due to increase in number of orders, workers cross paths during processing orders, sometimes nearly colliding, while they trace different paths to fill customer orders. If customer orders a special combination of sauce and side dish, they must wait quite some time while the order is ready Recently based on the survey, the complaints about wrong orders and service delays, have increased. Also, Chick-fil-A is planning to open a branch across the street next year. Operations manager is getting concerned about the future of business. a)What are the competitive priorities for Bell’s Chicken Restaurant? How did you identify them? Explain. b) How will you design the process using process structure matrix to accommodate the increase in the customers? Justify c) What metrics will you use in operations to measure the capabilities for operation? Relate back to what we have learned or discussed in the class (Revenue/Sales, the number of customers etc…. are not a measure of operation metrics) d) What lean tools can be used to address the problems and how will it increase the efficiency of the processes at Trader Bell’s Chicken Restaurant?

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