COURSE CONCEPT QUESTIONS (25 points in total; points per question as indicated)
1) Differentiate between groups and teams. Give two examples of each. (3 points)
2) What are the five basic factors which impact the performance of the group? Explain how each
can impact group performance (5 points)
3) Is group cohesiveness essential for organizational performance? Are all high-producing
groups highly cohesive? Do all low-producing groups have low cohesiveness? (3 points)
4) What are the four stages of group development (note: not team implementation)? Describe
what happens during each stage. (8 points)
5) Discuss some of the benefits and costs of teams. (6 points)
Case Study “Teamwork at IDEO” on pages 276 and answer questions 1, 2, and 3 restated below.
(10 points in total; points per question as indicated)
Case question 1: How does teamwork influence innovation at IDEO? (3 points)
Case question 2: How does diversity influence the effectiveness of teamwork at IDEO? 3 points)
Case Question 3: What characteristics would you look for in staffing a project team at IDEO? (4 points)

Real World Challenge Read “Teamwork at Starbucks” on page 253 and Real World Response “Teamwork at Starbucks” on page 287 and answer the following questions. (15 points in total; points per question as indicated)
1) Describe the conflict between Starbuck’s corporate culture and the culture of South Korea. How did Starbuck’s resolve the conflict? (3 points)
2) What role did leadership play in changing the perceptions and attitudes of the South Korean employees? (3 points)
3) Do you agree with the position which Starbuck’s adopted? Describe two other actions you might have taken if you were Starbucks to transfer the Starbucks concept of “teamwork” to the South Korean employees. (4 points)
4) Do you think it is always possible to preserve corporate/organizational values when confronted with conflicting national cultural values? Explain your answer. (5 points)

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