Do you agree or disagree with the following statement and why? With use and consideration of Cognitive restructuring, it acts as an advantageous technique for becoming thoughtful towards ill-fated feelings and moods, and for stimulating the sometimes-wrong automatic principles lie behind them. From time to time, one could encounter the negative feelings and through this technique, becomes good enough to reframe the needless negative thinking. It is common to see and experience that the bad moods are unpleasant, they can reduce the quality of your performance, and they undermine your relationships with others. Cognitive restructuring benefits one to change the negative or distorted thinking that frequently lies behindhand these moods. Most probably, helps one approach situations and that too in a more encouraging frame of mind. CBT is to control and change negative thoughts, which are from time to time connected with damaging behaviours (Zondervan, 2018).

Techniques that might be just as effective in assisting this student in dealing with his/her anger constructively are anger management techniques, and getting into more of recreational activities. These techniques are good enough lending a hand to the students deal well with the troubles that they could go through in their personal and professional lives.

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