An auto repair shop has 3 stages of a serial process to carry out customer car maintenance. Process 1 with Reliability R1 of 0.91 carried out by Staff A, Process 2 with Reliability R2 of 0.92 and Process 3 with Reliability R3 of 0.96
Tasks and questions
a. Make a sketch of the above process (3 points)
b. Calculate the System Reliability Rs of the system (4 points)
c. If the workshop has a System Reliability standard of 0.88, is the workshop able to meet these standards? Explain your answer (5 points)
d. The workshop manager decided to make redundancy by adding staff in Process 1 with Reliability R1.1 of 0.92 and Process 2 with Reliability
R2.1 is 0.93. Make a sketch of the above process (3 points)
e. What is System Reliability now? Is it able to meet the standard System
Workshop reliability? Explain your answer
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