Chapter 7

This chapter is all about a category of language-use called “directives.” Be careful not to confuse this concept with “direct language;” these are distinct concepts.

Choose either “directives” or “directives with collective sanction” and answer the following questions.

  1. Develop a succinct definition of the term using your own words

  2. Compile a succinct bullet point list (no sentences) of key points Hayakawa makes about the concept. Include the page number in parentheses.

  3. Pulling from current events either in your own life or the larger world, provide a specific example of the concept. Our course is all about language, so make sure your example involves language.

  4. In 1-3 sentences, explain how your example adheres to the criteria of the definition and/or illustrates the key points you identified in #2.

  5. Write a paragraph (at least 4 sentences) identifying which learning objective you see the concept most connected to and why.

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