’Government across the world is being faced with an unprecedented challenge to fight COVID 19. Government have to respond efficiently with urgent policies measures to shield the population from the negative impact of the Pandemic. The Public Sector being the executive arm of the Government is being forced to adapt to the situation.” Briefly examine the policies taken by Government to mitigate the propagation of the virus illustrating how the Public Sector is adapting and responding to this new normal. What according to you the Public Sector Reform that need to be undertaken to respond to the New Normal. Guidelines: 1. A brief introduction of Public Sector Management. The relationship between the Politics and Administration. 2. Overview of the Public Sector. Evolution since Independence in terms of Ministries and Parastatal and Public Companies. Various Reforms undertaken to adapt the Public Service to present needs. 3. Enter COVID. 19 (March 2020). 4. International consequences. 5. Policy Measures taken by Government (Health, Law and Order, Social Security, Agriculture, Commerce and Trade, Education, Legislature , Executive 6. How has the Public Sector responded? What needs to be done? International comparison in terms of New Reforms that need to be undertaken to respond to International exigencies. 7. Conclusion
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