read the following article and answer at least one of the questions that follow, or otherwise expand on the discussion from your classmates. For the below questions, choose a stance and include at least one cited source (include the citation at the end of your post!) to support your stance. I am not looking for a specific opinion, rather for supported discussion that indicates the topic has been considered and the logistics implications are understood. In your responses, it is okay to disagree with another student’s stance, but be sure your response is to the STANCE taken and not against the student.

1. The article mentions one benefit for the “renter” as shifting from fixed to variable costs. What is another benefit? Explain.

2. The article mentions one drawback as the trust required. What is another drawback? Explain.

3. What are some benefits or drawbacks from the perspective of the company leasing the space, besides the obvious of being able to make money with otherwise idle capacity?

4. Do you think the benefits outweigh the risks? Why?

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