Draw a conceptual sketch of your computer. Identify the keyboard, screen, power source, and storage device and etc.using arrows and labels.

-You email a classmate in this course for some information about a spreadsheet homework problem. In addition to answering your question, yourclassmate also attaches a spreadsheet solution to the homework. What do you do?Reason your answer. a.Delete the spreadsheet without looking at it.b.Look at the spreadsheet to make sure she did it correctly.c.Copy the spreadsheet into your homework and change the formatting sothat it doesn’tlook like the original. d.Email the spreadsheet to all your friends so that they can have the solution, too.

– List the steps of a systematic approach to engineering design that uses elements of the Design for Six Sigma philosophy. Explain each briefly. Draw design process flowchart.

-Define productsuccessand project success.List the references at the end of your document.

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