A company has annual demand of 15000 tons of coal to be used for production. The setup cost for each order of coal is $1000 and the inventory holding cost is 1.2 $/ton-year and company works 300 days each year. Find the total cost of the order, time between orders, and a number of order given each year? Select one: O a total cost=7200, time between orders 100, number of orders =3 O b. total cost=6000, time between orders: 100, number of order <3 O c. total cost=6000, time between order= 120, number of order = 4 d. total cost-8000, time between orders 60, number of order= 5 O es total cost:4000, time between order= 75, number of orders f. total cost 6400, time between orders 100, number of order=3
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