The sports articles provided to you deal with the difficulties of collegiate programs in their handling of being able to continue sports during the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools from the smaller conferences are hit the hardest because they are reliant on playing the bigger schools in order to subsidize their athletic department. In football, Vanderbilt University played a game last week with 56 total players that has a roster that carries 85 athletes. They have been forced to postpone their upcoming game because they do not have enough healthy players to safely play the game. This has occurred with many schools across the country. I want you to think as an athletic administrator or coach when answering this question.

What are the biggest obstacles that these schools have to deal with in trying to continue to play sports in this climate? As an administrator, one of your jobs is balancing your budget to the penny. What steps should be taken to keep your athletic department financially stable? The decisions that you make will more than likely impact a group of people negatively, how do you justify the decisions that you make? What alternative can you come up with in order to lessen the pain/burden on your athletic department? Should sports have been played this fall?

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