Identify the corporate cultural changes that were proposed by senior management How were they implemented? Comment on the effectiveness of these changes.” 16. The mostly younger employees (most managers were 24 or 25 years old) in their first management position were a significant challenge. Very few expatriates (12 on staff) had been hired, and this strategy had been acceptable in the task environment of the first few years but was becoming more difficult to manage as employees increasingly reverted to culturally based behaviour and attitudes toward work. Personal relationships were important in Egypt and work rules were less stringent in most Egyptian companies, as managers looked at their role as more of a “keeper of the jobs” than as a motivator to high performance. The Vodafone senior management knew that Egyptians at Vodafone needed a system and that the system was one that might provide the solution to creating common values. They also realized that young managers needed seasoning to be able to manage effectively, and this was only gained by experience or by training and coaching. CEO lan Gray decided to assign his expatriate managers 10 to 12 Egyptian managers each to coach in understanding the global rules of the game at Vodafone’s corporate culture and to develop Vodafone’s values and a common language. 17. A corporate values-based culture manager was trained and assigned the job of developing a Vodafone corporate culture based on the values and goals of Vodafone. This proved to be an adept way of both promoting two-way communication and developing managers who understood that processes and procedures were important if the company was to grow and standardize excellent management capability and customer-centric behaviours. The manager began his work by developing a training plan and talent matrix of those managers who accepted and promoted the “Vodafone Way”. 18. The company management recognized early that relationships must be improved between system and staff, and processes must be improved as growth slowed. The task environment that consisted of engineers and technicians installing mobile network systems was changing quickly to an established company with most of the employees in retail, customer services and administrative and managerial roles. The explosive growth that had enabled much of the task organization to concentrate on getting things done internally was changing to an outward focused organization which needed to concentrate on customers. This required strong processes to provide a consistent and coherent customer message as well as providing strong and fair human resource processes for promotion, training and career development.
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