Summer Dune is a private resort on the private island of Kai Rock in the Hoste. The island and resort are owned by Nick Fela, who is a well-known global business leader from Chile. Mr. Fela had extensive business investments in telecommunications, mining, and wineries in his homeland. Located on one of the most scenic beaches in the world, this resort caters to well to do business leaders, celebrities, and political leaders. The unprecedented level of quality and service has created an unparalleled experience unknown to other exclusive resorts. A private airport and helicopter landing pad are the sole means of entering the island. These normally come through Miami, Florida.

Our resort prides itself on the engagement of our staff. They include refined and educated people who are involved in a variety of services, from housekeeping, serving and activity co-ordination. Their roles are more than functional. Each guest is offered an exclusive individual from each of these areas to meet their needs. The workload is minimal, and the focus is on building interpersonal relationships with each guest to help them relax and unwind from the stresses of their occupation. The resort does not accommodate formal meetings or conventions. It is a soothing oasis of comfort, repose, and ethereal pleasures.

We are looking to recruit a young individual to fulfill the role of Engagement Steward. The role involves dining with selected guests each evening. This involves engaging in discussions that are entertaining, informative, and creating an atmosphere of sophisticated relaxation. The job only requires three hours each night, five days per week.

The candidate should possess an undergraduate degree in any discipline. The candidate should possess broad general knowledge, a variety of interests, and a well-tempered, enlightened, and charming personality. Experience is not essential. We are seeking that unique and refreshing individual that will continue to help maintain our brand and reputation. Our decision, if you are considered for an interview, will involve three-day meetings over breakfast, dinner, and cocktails. You will engage with many of our staff who will be critical in our evaluation.

The job involves a three-year, non-negotiable contract. Starting salary is $US110,000, tax-free. A full beach house is provided for accommodation, at our expense, and is fully serviced daily, including meals and beverages, and housekeeping. We offer a 4-week vacation, as well as one week’s vacation every three months to return home to visit family and friends. All costs for the return home will be covered by the resort. Full benefits, including pension and comprehensive health benefits are provided. Urgent medical matters are referred to hospitals in Miami at our expense. As this experience provides a tremendous opportunity for learning, we offer the successful candidate to purse an advanced degree, during their free time, at our expense.

If you are interested, please forward a cover letter and resume. Only successful candidates will be contacted for a meeting.

Question: Prepare a cover letter and resume.

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