1. Identify and describe the three steps that the team should follow in order to define project scope and create a project scope statement.

2. Describe how you would use the plan-do-check-act model to plan, conduct, and improve project meetings

3. Describe the importance of project communications and the essential factors to be considered when creating a project communication plan

4. Explain the principle of knowledge management and the importance of developing and maintaining a lesson learned knowledge base

5. Describe the the approach you would use to build relationships with key external stakeholders

6. Many factors can impact the accuracy of activity duration estimates. Describe four of the problems associated with estimating activity duration accurately and the techniques you could use as a project manager to overcome them

7. What methods could a project manager use to resolve overloads?

8. Discuss how crashing and fast tracking can be used to compress a project schedule. What limitations could there be with each of these methods?

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