There are many
effective strategies for dealing with social loafing on teams. An effective
strategy would be to make it difficult for social loafing to occur. All but two
of these strategies have been shown to be effective at reducing or eliminating
social loafing. Which two are not effective?

Question 9 options:

Make the team

Hide individual

Use peer

Enlarge the team

Start the team
with norms against social loafing

Make the task
assignments very clear, specific and measurable

Make the task
assignments very public

Call out social
loafing behavior in a manner that is respectful yet firm

Make the work

Assign work based
on people’s desires first

Follow up and
offer help to those who seem to be confused or having trouble

Question 9 part b(2 points)

There are many good
reasons to do a process check. One of these is NOT a reason to do a process
check. What is it?

Question 9 part b

To check for
effectiveness of meetings

To make sure that
there is just enough conflict to keep everyone on their toes

To ensure even
disagreeable ideas are heard

To ensure that
the team process is reasonably smooth

To check for
efficiency of meetings

To verify
relevant skills are integrated into the project and team

To make sure
there are no simmering bad feelings

To check the
quality of group decisions and the decision-making process

To verify that
there is an atmosphere of psychological safety

Question 9 part c (2 points)

What is the likely
consequence of groupthink?

Question9 part c

The consequence
of groupthink is likely to be ineffective team outcomes.

The consequence
of groupthink is likely to be a high level of team interdependence.

The consequence
of groupthink is likely to be highly inefficient group progress.

The consequence
of groupthink is likely to be poor group decisions.

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Question 11

Question 9 part d(2 points)

All but one of
these are characteristics of a highly cohesive team. Which one is not?

Question 9 part d

Very positive
relationships with other teams


Shared goals,
ideas, norms

Valued membership
to the group/team

with the group/team

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