Research Questions in Single Subject Research Designs

Examine the four types of research questions (demonstration, comparison, component, parametric).

Indicate the independent and dependent variables for each of your research questions.

  1. Demonstration: Will weekly parent training on planned ignoring decrease tantrums in individuals with extremely high tantrum occurrences.

IV: Weekly Parent training DV: Tantrums

  1. Comparative: Will an AAC device or American sign Language increase manding in a non-verbal individual?

IV: AAC device & ASL. DV: Manding

  1. Component: Will the adding of gestural prompting in addition to verbal prompting being used for the intervention change the frequency of the target behavior which is slamming a door?

IV: Independent variable: gestural prompts

Dependent variable: Target behavior of slamming doors

  1. Parametric: A supervisor speaks with a behavior analyst to determine how long of a lunch break they should give their staff in order to boost their afternoon output. Employees are given a 90-minute break followed by a 60-minute break by the behavior analyst. They discovered that giving employees a 90-minute lunch break instead of a 60-minute lunch break enhanced afternoon productivity.

Question: Does giving a 90-minute break or 60-minute break boost employees’ afternoon output?

IV: Duration of lunch break. DV: Employees afternoon output.


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