You are the regional sales manager of an organization that supplies high-quality windows and doors to building supply centers nationwide. Over the last three years, the rate of sales growth has declined. There is increasing evidence that, to make their jobs easier salespeople are primarily servicing large customer accounts. In addition, the salespeople are not dealing promptly with customer questions and complaints, and this inattention has resulted in a drop in after-sales service. You have talked about these problems, and you are meeting to design a control system to increase both the amount of sales and the quality of customer service.” TH Facts and Core (4 points): 1. What are the core problems and relevant facts of the case? Current Problems (4 points): 2. Why are salespeople acting the way they are? [Make sure to include control and motivation terminology from the chapter) I Solutions (7 points): 3. What are some output control, behavior control, and organizational culture measures/ standards you as the manager can implement to change behavior? Make sure to support your answers. Label each so I know what you are answering

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