A pediatric practice has 5 physicians. Historically, patients were assigned to one physician and these patients always were treated by the same physician. For example, Alice’s patients always visited her (for “well visits” and “sick visits”) and never interacted with the other physicians. However, they have decided to change how they see patients. Now patients will be seen by whoever is available (i.e., not treating patients). Based on our discussion of queuing theory, which of the three outcomes below are likely to occur due to this change? i) The coefficient of variation of patient inter-arrival times will increase ii) The utilization of each physician will increase iii) The average number of patients actually with a physician (that is, “inventory in process”) will increase Choose one of the following alternatives: (10 points) a) i only e) i and iii only b) ii only f) ii and iii only c) iii only g) all of them (i, ii and iii) d) i and ii only h) none of them (neither i, ii and iii)

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