Based on the telling of this case, do you think they took the right strategy or not and why? B. Do you think it could be a good option to outsource product ion to a third party and why? C. Finally, which is the next step for this business, show me a future story of this case? Case Study Questions 1. PAD runs a high-margin business positioned at the luxury end of the market and commands a significant premium for its items and for the Palate-Able Delights experience. Should PAD absorb some incremental costs in exchange for added security and opt to stay with traditional trade payment and financing systems? Is a confirmed documentary letter of credit still the best option for PAD? 2. How well-suited is PayPal, or similar online payment solutions, to the PAD business and model? 3. What are the pros and cons related to traditional bank-provided trade finance and open account solutions? Do non-bank providers offer a credible alternative? 4. What is your recommendation to Palate-Able Delights?

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