Instructions: Use the following vignette to develop a detailed treatment plan for the client.

Lester has been in prison and has recently been released on parole. He has family in the area, but he distanced himself from them after high school. They did visit him while he was in prison. Lester has been referred to your agency, which works with ex-convicts to help them turn their lives around. Lester has indicated that his juvenile crime spree was “crazy” and that he would like to become a useful citizen. As the case manager, you interviewed Lester and learned that he would like to become a chef. He tells you that he had some cooking classes in the prison and that he worked mainly in the kitchen there and enjoyed the work. He feels, however, that he could have learned more and taken on more responsibility. At present Lester is staying in a halfway house and is charged with getting a job and a place to stay. 1. The broad goal is to help Lester get acclimated to the community. List two very specific goals your agency will work on with Lester. Next, place the objectives for each goal under that goal. Remember the phrase “as evidenced by. . . .”

Goal A:

Objective 1:

Objective 2:

Goal B:

Objective 1:

Objective 2:

2. Identify Lester’s strengths, and show how these strengths will help him meet the goals. Lester’s strengths:

Explain how these will help him meet the goals:

3. Lester came into your office on May 6. What are your target dates for your goals?

4. Describe a service intervention you will use with Lester to help him meet his goals

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