Instructions: Use the following vignette to develop a detailed treatment plan for the client.

Art has been chronically ill with schizophrenia for many years. It started when he was in college, and he has been unable to hold a job. His family has just moved to your area. Art’s sister, with whom he lives, has gone into the mental health center seeking services for her brother. Art’s parents are deceased. The sister states the move has upset Art, and he appears ready to have another acute episode. She is also concerned that he is not taking his medication as he should, further jeopardizing his health. The sister hoped the case manager could find a place to send Art for treatment following the move. In college Art majored in engineering, and he is quite good at math. Art has been referred to the partial hospitalization program. There you are responsible for devising goals and objectives for Art.

1. The broad goal is to help Art adjust to the move. List two very specific goals your agency will work on with Art. Next, place the objectives for each goal under that goal. Remember the phrase “as evidenced by. . . .”

Goal A:

Objective 1:

Objective 2:

Goal B:

Objective 1:

Objective 2:

2. Identify Art’s strengths, and show how these strengths will help him meet the goals. Art’s strengths: Explain how these will help him meet the goals:

3. Art and his sister went to mental health case management on January 12. What are your target dates for your goals?

4. Describe a service intervention you will use with Art to help him meet his goals.

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