Instructions: Use the following vignette to develop a detailed treatment plan for the client.

Helen is 89 years old. She has lived independently in her own home until now. Last week she fell off a chair in her home while reaching up to clean out the top shelves in one of her closets. She sat with her arm aching all night until morning when she called her daughter to take her to the hospital. There an X-ray was done, and the arm was set. The hospital staff sent her home, and her daughter, who works, called the Office of Aging to help her plan so that her mother could remain at home. The Office of Aging set the main goal, “Helen will continue living in her own home with assitance” and referred the case to your agency to provide the service. Helen is unable to make meals or bathe herself, and the pain medication is making her dizzy. The Office of Aging has called your agency, which provides homemaker and in-home care, to provide the actual service to Helen. As the case manager for the agency, you go out and evaluate Helen’s situation.

1. The broad goal is to keep Helen in her own home. List two very specific goals your agency will work on with Helen. Next, place the objectives for each goal under that goal. Remember the phrase “as evidenced by. . . .”

Goal A:

Objective 1:

Objective 2:

Goal B:

Objective 1:

Objective 2:

2. Identify Helen’s strengths, and show how these strengths will help her meet the goals. Helen’s strengths: Explain how these will help her meet the goals:

3. Helen broke her arm on November 9. What are your target dates for your goals?

4. Describe a service intervention you will use with Helen to help her meet her goals.

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