TRIAGE FOR PROVIDING DOCTORS’ APPOINTMENTS UNDER COVID Many hospitals have implemented a triage process before accepting appointments in order to prioritize patients and minimize congestion. Consider a triage center with 7 staff members taking calls from customers. On average, one call arrives every 6 mins. Each staff member spends 20 mins with each customer on average (with a standard deviation of 15 mins). Answer the following questions using queueing formulas (not QMacros). (a) What is the probability that one of their staff members is busy (as a %)? (4 points) (b) What is the probability that a call can be immediately served? (6 points) (c) How long (in minutes) does a customer spend on average waiting on hold before they can start speaking to a staff member? (8 points) (d) How many customers on average are waiting to be served? (4 points) (e) What is the probability that a customer spends more than 45 mins in the call center?

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