• cenario B: Internet Bank

    Imagine you work for a start-up company that is launching an internet bank. The internet bank will provide the following financial products and services to its customers:

  • Accounts and deposits
  • Credit, debit, and travel cards
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Senior management and investors have identified the following key technical factors for the success of the internet bank:

  • Scalability: The technology and software application infrastructure must accommodate high growth and new users without impacting the service levels delivered to existing users.
  • Availability: Users must be supported with robust, consistent, and reliable access; excellent performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Security: Industry-accepted security practices and a multi-level authentication system have to be put in place to authenticate and identify each user before they access their accounts and initiate transactions.
  • Manageability: The technology and software applications infrastructure must be easy to manage, support, and update.
  • You have been assigned to analyze your organization and develop a technical architecture to support the business processes of this internet bank.

  • Investments
  • Tax services

Project implementation is arguably the most exciting stage of the project management process. It is during project implementation that project plans begin to come to life and assumptions are able to be tested and measured in real-life scenarios.

One of the outcomes of project implementation is a set of deliverables that typically includes a system diagram; a network diagram; a database design document, including an entity-relationship diagram, a data dictionary, and table definitions; a clearly articulated cybersecurity plan; and source code.

To complete this assignment, you will create: Download the Software Test Plan for an example of what information is typically included and how it is typically organized in a software test plan.

Please Fill out the below chart

  • Software Test Plan
  • Project name:
  • Purpose of project:

    Features To Be Tested/Not To Be Tested

    Identify all features and combinations of features that will be tested. Also, describe features that will not be tested and explain why.

    Testing Pass/Fail Criteria

    Define the pass/fail criteria for each of the tests defined in this test plan.

    Testing Approach

    Describe the testing processes, testing types, and testing methods that will be used in this testing project. Discuss the testing strategy and how it will be applied to test this application.

    Testing Cases

    Define 12 to 15 test cases for your project.

    Testing Materials (Hardware/Software Requirements)

    Identify the resources needed for testing in this project. Include the physical facilities, hardware, software, tools, and any other resources that will be used during testing.

    Testing Schedule

    Testing Activity




    Test Plan Creation

    5 days

    Test Manager

    Test Specification Creation

    10 days

    Test Leads

    Test Specification Team Review

    5 days

    Project Team

    Component Testing

    20 days

    Component Testers

    Integration Testing

    20 days

    Component and System Testers

    System Testing

    15 days

    System Testers

    Performance Testing

    5 days

    System Testers

    Use Case Validation

    10 days

    System Testers

    Alpha Testing

    5 days

    Product Managers/Analysts

    Beta Testing/Pilot Program

    20 days

    Pilot Program End-Users

    Risks and Contingencies Matrix



    Risk Type


    Contingencies/Mitigation Approach

    Do not have enough skilled workers to test components as they are ready for testing.


    Project Resources

    Testing Manager

    Testing schedule will be adjusted based on available resources.

    Testing team member turnover


    Project Resources

    Testing Manager

    Adjust testing schedules. Make sure testing team members are cross-trained on testing techniques in case a team member leaves the organization.

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