Complete the following exercises:

1. Look at the completed forms on the clients you have developed. Fill out referral forms for each agency to which you intend to send your clients for services. In each client’s chart, clip these together and place them at the back of the chart. Use a separate referral form for each agency.

2. Next, develop a face sheet for the front of each chart.

3. Now assemble each chart as indicated in this chapter, using a manila file folder and placing the forms on your client in the following order, with the face sheet on the top and the referrals on the bottom:

a. Face sheet

b. Inquiry and referral form

c. Verification letter

d. Assessment form and/or social history

e. Release of information forms

f. Service plan

g. Referrals

Once you have written them, your case notes will follow the referrals when they are put into the chart. Be sure the client’s name and agency number are on the folder.

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