Write a note for the record of the client whom you are following. This note will indicate that you met with the client and discussed the service plan. Use the four elements for writing notes. This first note is generally a little longer than the others— perhaps 6 to 12 sentences in all. Here is an example of such a note:

3/24/15 (Office Visit) John came into the agency today to discuss his service plan. He continues to appear anxious and asked repeatedly for directions to the Susquehanna Counseling offices where he will be receiving ser   vices. CM went over the plan for 10 sessions of counseling at Susquehanna Center with John who agreed to this plan. He will begin at Susquehanna Counseling on Monday March 28, 2016, where he will have his appointment with the intake staff and meet his therapist. John will call in one week to let CM know how that meeting went and what specific plans he and the therapist developed for him. Carly Jameson

Practice writing your own first contact note. When you complete the note satisfactorily, rewrite it into the record, using the form in Appendix C entitled “Contact Notes.

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