Australia has a deep love for coffee, an industry that is worth
$10 billion (2018) and captures over 20,000 businesses that in turn
employs 140,000 people. Starbucks wanting to tap into this
lucrative market, opened their first store in Australia in 2000 and
quickly grew to over 90 locations by 2008. Starbucks moved too
quickly, and grew faster than its popularity. Starbucks didn’t fit
Australians’ tastes, serving sweeter coffee options than
Australians preferred. Since 2008 they have accumulated $105
million in losses and closed 61 locations.

Question: Based on your understanding of organisational culture
and organisational effectiveness, how can having an understanding
of organisational culture improve the overall performance of an
organisation and avoid issues such as those presented with
Starbucks entering the Australian marketplace.

250-300 words

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