2. You are the financial director of Mia and Co, a Sushi chain. Write a bad news memo to the employees of the Hamra branch to inform them that the branch will close due to severe economic conditions (the uprising and demonstrations in that area have affected sales and COVID didn’t help) and the employees will have to relocate to the Zalka branch and will join the team there.3. You are the ENL 230 teacher; you have to send an email to one of your students to tell him/her that they have exceeded the number of allowed absences and have missed two (at least) major assignments that everyone else has submitted, and therefore he/she has to either drop the course or expect a UW as a final grade.The fact that he/she has received at least two written warning notes and more warnings orally, has made you decide that there will be no second chances, extra work or made up sessions…Write a professional bad news email addressed to your persistently negligent student to explain that he has just lost his/her chance at passing the course for all the above reasons and more ??
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