talk about a company from your own imagination and then answer the following ….

Pick three actions such as

  • Read our webpage
  • Click here
  • Watch our video
  • Provide your contact information
  • Call us
  • Visit our store
  • Download our brochure

For each action replace those words with a very short and more persuasive message that highlights the value of taking that action. Explain why you think that your customers will respond to your message and take action.

In the past case study assignment, we realized that customers almost always need a series of steps to bring them from being unaware of you and your product, to becoming a customer. As a result, we created a simple marketing funnel.

Then we realized that each step is designed to create specific change in our potential customers, so we created a specific marketing funnel that first caught attention with a video, then captured emotion with a story, and then captured understanding with a written document such as a website or a brochure.

However, asking a customer to take specific action such as clicking a button, or filling in a form with their contact information causes potential customers to pause from taking action. In order to reduce that hesitation, we are going to clarify the benefit of taking action. For example,

  • instead of saying “click here”, we could say “find out how to fix your #1 business challenge”
  • instead of saying “watch this video,” we could say “see the easiest way to get more customers”
  • instead of saying “download this document,” we could say “find out how to lose 30 lbs in a mont
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