Which of the following statements is true regarding reengineering?

Select one:

a. Reengineering involves improving an organizations functions by focusing on the functions in isolation from one another

b. The process of reengineering is used to achieve evolutionary change

c. Reengineering involves decentralizing decision-making to the point where the decision is made

d. The reengineering process is started with the product and not the customer


What is the best way to provide customers with the goods or service they require? it can be answer through______.

Select one:

a. Revolutionary change

b. All of them are not correct

c. Revolutionary and Evolutionary change

d. Evolutionary change


Which of the following statements is true regarding a product team structure?

Select one:

a. A product team structure is more decentralized than a functional structure

b. Typically a product team structure is used by an organization that operates in a stable environment where the requirements of the customers

c. A retailer who specializes in clothing and operates in five different regions of the United States

d. Use of product team structure increases the product development time

select without explanation

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