You have been with Laird Plastics for 4 months and have been prospecting organizations over $500 million in revenue and funding.

You attended a Customer Experience & Technologies Summit in Tokyo, Japan February 2019 and met Mike DiPietro, the Computer Network Architect for Blue Distributors. After pleasantries and getting to know each other a little, Mike suggested you connect with Jay Hilti, the COO at Blue. It has taken you several months of emails and voicemail exchanges with Jay’s admin to set up this appointment. Jay works in Blue’s home office in Atlanta, GA.

From LinkedIn:

Previous Work Experience:

  • VP IT, PaperWorks Industries (3 yrs 3mos)
  • Dir. Ops, Recycle Div WestRock (1 yr 5 mos)
  • IT Project Mgr, WestRock (3 yrs 7 mos)


  • Southern New Hampshire U., BS Marketing
  • Michigan State U.: EMBA

Building Rapport:

  • Using the information provided in the scenario, provide one way you could build rapport with the prospect.
  • For each, provide the topic of the rapport and the question and/or comment you would ask/say in the meeting.
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