Consumers looking

for beauty, health, and lifestyle magazines have an almost

endless array of choices, but even in this crowded fi eld, Logan

Olson found her own niche. Olson, who was born with congenital

heart disease, stuff erred a heart attack at age 16 that left

her in a coma and caused serious brain damage. Th e active and

outgoing teen had to relearn everything from sitting up to feeding

herself. As she recovered, she looked for help and advice in

conquering such daily challenges as fi ending fashionable clothes

that were easier to put on and makeup that was easier to apply.

Mainstream beauty magazines didn’t seem to off er any information

for young women with disabilities, so she started her

own magazine. Oprah Winfrey has Oprah, and Logan Olson

has Logan. Th e magazine not only gives young women tips on

buying and using a variety of products but let’s women with disabilities

know there are others like them, facing and meeting the

same challenges.

Your task: Write a 120-character message suggesting a gift subscription

to Logan magazine as a nice birthday gift for any young

woman who might benefit t from the magazine. Assume that your

readers are not familiar with Logan. (Limiting your message to

120 characters allows room for a 20-character URL, which you

don’t need to include in your message.) You can learn more about

Logan at or on Facebook (search for

Logan Magazine). 56 If your class is set up with private Twitter

accounts, use your private account to send your message. Otherwise,

email it to your instructor.

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