Th e fact that 97 percent

of American youth ages 12 to 17 play video games is not much

of a surprise, but more than a few nongaming adults might be

surprised to learn that game playing might not be quite the social

and civic catastrophe it is sometimes made out to be. A recent

study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project puts a least a

few cracks in the stereotyped image of gamers being loners who

live out violent fantasies while learning few if any skills that could

make them positive members of society. 55

Your task: Imagine that you’re on the public relations staff at the

Entertainment Software Association (ESA), an industry group

that represents the interests of video game companies. You’d like

to share the results of the Pew survey with parents to help ease

their concerns. Visit, click

on Student Assignments and then Chapter 7, page 219, Case 15.

Download this PDF fi le, which is a summary of the Pew results.

Find at least three positive aspects of video game playing and write

a brief message that could be posted on an ESA public off airs blog.

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