JetBlue is known

for its innovations in customer service and customer communication,

including its pioneering use of the Twitter microblogging

system. Nearly two million JetBlue fans and customers follow

the company on Twitter to get updates on Fl eight status during

weather disruptions, facility upgrades, and other news. 57

Your task: Write a message of no more than 120 characters

that announces the limited-time availability of Fl lights and travel

packages—Fl lights plus hotel rooms, for example—at JetBlue’s

store on eBay. (Limiting your message to 120 characters allows

room for a 20-character URL, which you don’t need to include in

your message.) Th e key selling point is that travelers may be able

to purchase Fl lights, they want at steep discounts. If your class is

set up with private Twitter accounts, use your private account to

send your message. Otherwise, email it to your instructor.

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