U.S. automakers haven’t

had much good news to share lately. GM, in particular, has been

going through a rough time, entering bankruptcy, shedding assets,

and relying on bailouts from the U.S. and Canadian governments

to stay in business. Th e news isn’t entirely bleak, however.

Chevrolet, one of the brands in the GM automotive stable, has

recently introduced the Volt, a gas/electric hybrid that might

fi Nally give drivers a viable alternative to the wildly popular

Toyota Prius.

Your task: Working with a team assigned by your instructor,

write a post for GM’s dealer-only blog that describes the new Volt

and the benefit to it off errs car owners. Include at least one photo

and one link to the Volt section of GM’s website. You can learn

more about the Volt at Chevy’s website,

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