Many companies operate on the

principle that the customer is always right, even when the customer

isn’t right. Th eye take any steps necessary to ensure happy

customers, lots of repeat sales, and a positive reputation among

potential buyers. Overall, this is a smart and successful approach

to business. However, most companies eventually encounter

a nightmare customer who drains so much time, energy, and

profit to that the only sensible option is to refuse the customer’s

business. For example, the nightmare customer might be someone

who constantly berates you and your employees, repeatedly?

makes outlandish demands for refunds and discounts, or simply

requires so much help that you not only lose money on this

person but also no longer have enough time to help your other

customers. “Firing” a customer is an unpleasant step that should

be taken only in the most extreme cases and only aft er other

remedies have been attempted (such as talking with the customer

about the problem), but it is sometimes necessary for the wellbeing

of your employees and your company.

Your task: If you are currently working or have held a job in the

recent past, imagine that you’ve encountered just such a customer.

If you don’t have job experience to call on, imagine that you work

in a retail location somewhere around campus or in your neighborhood.

Identify the type of behavior this imaginary customer

exhibits and the reasons the behavior can no longer be accepted.

Write a brief email message to the customer to explain that you

will no longer be able to accommodate him or her as a customer.

Calmly explain why you have had to reach this daffy cult decision.

Maintain a professional tone and keep your emotions in check.

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