Give five examples of contracts deemed by the courts to be against public policy and describe the effect of such a designation.

At least 200 – 300 words.

Elements that need to be covered;

1. Issue – identifies by name the area/s of law that is relevant to the problem question and clearly describes the legal problem that must be addressed

2. Rules of law – states the relevant legal principles. The source of authority will be a statute, case law or a combination of both.

3. Analysis – consider each legal principle identified in the Rules section and explains its relevance to the facts. It states how each principle can be applied/distinguished to support logical arguments about how the Issue(s) will be resolved.

4.Decision – is stated and provides an overview of how the arguments in the Analysis section address the Issue(s).

5.Proffesionalism – The submission is clear, concise, and precise. It employs proper sentences and carefully crafted paragraphs. The grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct.

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