The first Record Store Day was in 2008. It has since grown into a day in which artists such as the Foo Fighters offer exclusive vinyl releases only at participating stores. Select the statements that is not true relating to vinyl sales, retail sales locations, and/or Record Store Day.

Many record stores closed permanently due to the pandemic.
Vinyl sales outpaced CD sales for the first time since the 1980’s
Record Store celebrations will include DJs and performers.
Vinyl sales grew 46% in 2020.
LP’s (albums) accounted to 33% of album sales in 2020.
Taylor Swift’s album, Folklore, had the top selling album of 2020 including digital and physical sales.
Which format generated the most sales of recorded entertainment in 2020?
Download Singles
None of the Above
Vinyl LP’s
Download Albums
Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan have both recently sold the majority of their music catalogs for 100’s of millions of dollars. Why are many artists choosing to sell their catalogs at this time?
Proposed tax increases by President Biden
Limited releases of new music by the older artists
Value of catalogs has greatly increased as streaming continues to two
Explosion of streaming and low compensation to artists.
One half of musicians are considering leaving the industry due to the fallout from the covid-19 pandemic.

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