Last month, Harun was delighted to receive news on the birth of his twin girls but the good
news was shattered when he was told that his wife, Salmah, was diagnosed with acute
pulmonary embolism and was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit at Kuantan
Medical Center. She stayed for 3 days in the ICU and was transferred to normal ward another
7 days. However, Harun was relieved since he knew that his wife, Salmah, had Prudential
insurance policy bought earlier. Upon discharged she received hospital bill and was curious
to know the amount that she has to pay compared to the amount covered by Prudential. Below
are terms of Salma’s comprehensive major medical policy.
Item Insurance Coverage Hospital Bill
Embolectomy RM8,000 scheduled payment RM12,500
Physician (doctor) RM3,000 RM4,000
Hospital Room RM250 per day with maximum RM400 per day for ICU
RM5,600 per year treatment and RM300 per
day for normal ward
Medicines & CT scan Reasonable amount paid in full RM6,510
Insurance premium RM3,000 per year
Calculate the total medical cost, the amount covered by the insurance policy and Salmah’s
share of the cost of her treatment (excluding the yearly premium). Discuss and comment on
whether it is a good decision to pay premium of RM3,000 per year.

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