If value for an airline passenger is defined as reaching from point A (departure terminal of home airport) to point B (arrival terminal of destination airport) in the shortest possible time, whatspecific steps (why and how)would you suggest to improve the value of the process, that is, reduce the total time to reach from A to B.Please uselessthan 180 words for answering the question.Please make sure that your answer is clear and well written.You can use up totwo figures if you want to. The current process is as follows:

Thepassenger does online check-in,prints boarding pass at home, drops the baggage in a separate line without waiting in the longer regular check in queue. He or she then collects boarding pass, goes to security check,and proceeds to the boarding gate where he gets seated and waits for boarding to start. Once the boarding starts, the passenger gets the boardingpassstamped and goes and sits in a bus that takes the passenger to the airplane. The passengerthen climbs up the flight of stairs and sits in his/her seat in the flight. After getting down the flight the passenger collects baggage from carousel and heads to the exit to hire a taxicab. The flight is local so no need to undergo immigration or customs.

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