Warbly Parker is a certified B Corporation, a designation awarded to companies that align their business strategies with social and environmental strategies. In a section on company values, the report draft has the following paragraphs: When we set out to serve the eyewear market in a different and better way, we had other, larger goals in mind, too. Sure, we wanted to be a successful and profitable company, but we wanted success to be about more than just profits. We wanted it to be about how we treat each other, how we support our local and global communities, and the footprints we leave on the environment. All of these things define “success” for Warbly Parker. B Corporations are companies that are committed to something larger than maximizing profits at the expense of everyone and everything else. This designation, which was established and is managed by the not-for-profit B Corporation organization (, is granted to companies that meet a rigorous set of standards related to how they are managed, how they treat their workers, how they interact with and impact their communities, and how their business operations affect the environment. You want to write a transitional sentence to smooth the flow from the first to the second paragraph. Which of the following sentences and placements is the best choice? (Assume that you’ll fine-tune the surrounding text if needed after inserting the new transition.)

 a. At the end of the first paragraph, add this sentence: “The model of success we chose is the B Corporation, which is a fresh and broader way of looking at business.”

b. Add the same sentence as in (a), but add it at the beginning of the second paragraph.

c. At the beginning of the second paragraph, add this sentence: “Entrepreneurs can define success in a lot of different ways.”

d. The flow between the two paragraphs is fine as is; there is no need to add a transition.

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