Crazy Day at the Giant Giant Store

The Giant Giant Store is the big box store of all big box stores. It is an enormous warehouse clearance centre that sells a vast array of products as well as having private manufacturers sell their products in kiosks at various locations in the store. You can buy everything from cans of soup to winter tires to makeup. Among the services and private vendors there are people selling home made crafts or imported toys or aluminum siding contracting services. You name it, it is in the Giant Giant store. Most days, budding actor, Big Bobby Bulldog works as store security because he is so big. He doesn’t have much training but just looking at Bobby is intimidating. It is even kind of scary. Bobby is hoping that his size will help him start a movie career like Andre the Giant had back in the 1980’s and 90’s. There are only a few security guards for the store and the training they get is very limited. They are told to keep an eye out for shoplifters and to make sure the kids stay close to their parents and are not breaking things. But during special event days at the store, Bobby wears the Giant Giant costume and walks around greeting people and entertaining the kids with juggling ability. His personal size and the costume create the image of a truly giant giant. Today Bobby is wearing the Giant costume and juggling for the patrons. As he was walking around juggling, he saw Sam Sneaky in the electronics section taking ear buds in and out of the packages. Looking at them and then randomly putting them back in different packages. No one realizes that Sam is friends with Larry Lazy, the store clerk who helps people in the electronics section. Larry has opened the locked display case for Sam because he was interested in a pair of very expensive Krapple brand ear buds. Larry has now walked away and is helping another customer. Sam is working on his scam. Bobby doesn’t remember, but Sam was caught shoplifting a few months back and was banned from the store by Maria Manager who runs the store on weekends. Suddenly, two aisles over, a giant glass jar of pickles falls on the floor and smashes all over the floor. Bobby comes around the corner into the aisle to find Tommy Trouble, a 7-year-old boy standing by the broken jar of pickles. He was carrying the jar to his mother because he wanted her to buy them. Then he dropped the jar. He had just picked up one of the pickles and took a bite when Bobby came around the corner. Bobby yelled – “Hey you!” Tommy looked up and saw the Giant. He screamed and started to cry, “Please don’t hurt me!” and when he turned to run away, he cut his foot on the broken glass. Tommy’s mother, Tammy Trouble, was at the makeup counter testing different perfumes and heard her son scream just moments before. Seeing her son in trouble she inadvertently put the perfume bottle in her pocket and ran at Bobby shouting, “You %$#$@#! – You leave my son alone!” She ran right up to Bobby and started punching him in the chest.

Bobby had seen her put the perfume in her pocket and he lost it. At the top of his voice surrounded by dozens of customers, he yelled, “You filthy shoplifter, getting your son to create a distraction so you can steal expensive perfume…” Bobby grabbed them both by the back of their shirts and started dragging them to a room at the back of the store where they took shop lifters. Tammy’s friend June Judgy was standing with Tommy’s grade two teacher, Sue Snotty, just gossiping about kids in her class. They saw this whole thing take place and began posting pictures on Instagram writing comments like, “Tammy the Thief getting busted” and “What a horrible mother!” During the commotion, Sam has successfully put a pair of $500 Krapple brand ear buds in a Giant Giant Brand package priced at $59.00 and his headed to the cash to pay the lesser price. While being dragged to the back room Tommy kicks and screams and kicks over a whole display of dishes, breaking almost everyone. Bobby furiously throws Tammy and Tommy in the back room and locks it. “You can stay here till the cops come,” he tells them. Bobby starts to remove his giant costume and turns to go after Sam saying, “ Hey you ! – Just you wait a minute!” Sam starts walking to the front quickly in doing so he knocks down an elderly customer, Cindy Centenarian, who falls and is injured. Bobby runs right by Cindy trying to catch Sam. Bill Busybody was looking at tires telling all the customers around him that the Supergrip brand of tires were garbage and made in sweatshops in Taiwan. This is not true, but Bill owns a garage down the street and is having his own tire sale. He tells everyone who will listen that he has had to replace this brand for many of his customers. Which also isn’t true. Bill sees only parts of all the events, but decides he needs to be involved. Bill thinks he is always right. So he grabs a baseball bat from a display to “take on the big guy in the costume who is scaring old ladies!” He hits Bobby as he is running by and Bobby goes to the floor with a broken arm. Sam sees Bill interfere and quickly goes to the self check out and buys the reduced-price earbuds. Maria Manager hears the chaos and tries to intervene. But she slips on the pickle mess and falls and breaks her arm. Two weeks later Bobby is at home nursing his broken arm and broken careers. He has been fired from the store because of the chaos of that day and the viral impact it had on Instagram and Twitter criticizing the store and its policies. Tammy has put his face all over social media as a bully so his acting career is over.

Maria was home nursing her broken arm and trying to convince her boss that the pickle company needed to go because they didn’t sell much product and he knew of a better company to take their spot. He also wanted Larry fired because he “just knew that he was helping people defraud the company.” But she had no proof. Giant Giant stores have had declining sales the past two months and are trying to figure out how to handle the lawsuits from Tammy, Cindy and Bobby.

Template Questions for the Week 3 Case Study In the attached scenario there are over 20 intentional torts –

Describe in detail THREE (3) of the intentional torts in the above scenario. Use the following points/questions to guide your detailed description for each Tort:

Name of the Tort:

Explain in detail the Elements of the Tort:

Explain in detail the Facts from the scenario that give rise to the elements of the Tort:

Explain in detail any Defences to the tort:

Explain in detail the Facts from the scenario that give rise to the defenses:

Explain in detail the Possible damages resulting from the tort:

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