Describe the Taklifi (mandatory) laws for the below scenario. Support your answer with the valid explanation and definition:

I. Zulkanaim is a CEO of the Apple company in Malaysia. Every year his company earns more than RM 10 million and 40% of the profit will be given to the selected organization that supports the hungry and needy people in Malaysia. As a Muslim and leader, he believes that to feed the needy and hunger people is one of his responsibility because every profit he received there is the sustenance of others. Based on the taklifi laws his actions can be considered as;

II. Ahmed and Ali are partnership of the Muslim Brand Company (MBC). During adhan times they are busy with business discussion and buying the new product through the internet. They had the discussion for almost 3hours and they almost missed the zuhor prayer. In mandatory law their action can be considered as;

III. Maznah worked as Manager of credit control in CIMB Islamic. She is very famous because she married a businessman in London and she has branded shoes and clothes. LV company launched the limited handbag with the price more than one hundred thousand and first come, first serve methods. All the handbags sold out within 30 minutes. Maznah found out that there is one handbag already bought by someone and still yet to be collected by the buyer. She offers to buy it with the double price if they sell it to her and she will keep this transaction a secret. Her actions can be considered as;

IV. Saed working in RHB as a sales executive and he worked almost 5 years. Saed graduated from University al-azhar and he practice Islamic very well. Every Friday, Saed will be in mosque early and do the 2 rakaah prayer before Friday prayer. Besides, he like to give sadaqah (charity) when he saw the kids or poor ladies on streets. Based on mandatory laws, her actions can be considered as;

V. During Covid 19 situations, the government encouraged the citizens to stay at home and not allow them to cross the states. After two months Hussein got affected with covid and he decided to quarantine at home. During quarantine time Hussein’s family decided to visit him at home and he decided to be away from his family for the moment since he knew that his parents were already old and to not let the virus spread to other people especially his family. During covid pandemic situations, the citizens need to follow the instruction by the governments to protect themselves from spreading the virus by staying at homes. Based on taklifi law, this scenario can be considered as;

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