Protein function and specificity

Most people think of proteins being found in muscle and for allowing us to move. This is just one of the many functions of proteins. Proteins do everything for us! Some of the many functions proteins serve are listed below.

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Place the correct word/s above into the appropriate space in the following sentences. •?Muscles are proteins that allow ____________. •?Enzymes are proteins and control all the ____________ our bodies. •?Hormones are proteins and act as tell the cells of our body what to do when. •?Receptors are proteins that are found on the ____________.of our cells and allow our cells to respond to different signals. •?Hemoglobin is a protein that carries the cells of our bodies. •?Antibodies are proteins that allow our bodies to fight off ____________.. Since there are many different proteins in our body, each serving a different function, it is important that each protein have a unique structure so that it can serve its unique function.

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