Historically, in tenancy by the entirety:

Group of answer choices

a husband and wife shared entire control over the estate and shared the right to all rents and profits.

only a husband had entire control over the estate, with the exclusive right to possession and the right to all rents and profits.

a husband and wife were regarded, in law, as separate individuals.

an execution by a judgment resulting from an action against a husband or wife alone may have been placed against the entire property.

Brad is a riparian owner in a state that follows the riparian rights doctrine. Brad believes that he owns the soil beneath the stream that flows through his land and that he has the right to bottle and sell, in a new business venture, the water in the stream.

Group of answer choices

Brad is subject to the owtas luktas doctrine

Brad is incorrect

Brad is correct

Brad must file a rights intent

Examples of bailments (click all that apply):

Group of answer choices

you leave your car with a garage for repair

leaving your child with a babysitter

you leave clothes at a laundry

giving your watch to a friend and then changing your mind, and asking for it back

Rick Link, an amateur archaeologist in Idaho, uncovered artifacts from a Native American NezPerce burial ground that was several hundred years old and belonged to the tribe. Ancestors of the present-day tribe had made the artifacts and buried them with their dead. The tribe asked a court to award to it custody of the property, which included burial pots, ornaments, and pottery. Link claimed that the property had been abandoned and that he could therefore claim title to the goods because he had taken possession of them. A court would most likely hold for Link because the property was abandoned.

Group of answer choices

True, unless there are causa mortis rights in that state


True, if Link is Native American


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