I’m in Organization and Administration Human Services. I decided on a Special Needs Program to help our community.

Competency Building Activity 4: Organizational Theories Chapter 4 discussed several approaches to organizational design, including (a) classical, bureaucratic theories; (b) human resources approaches; (c) contingency theories; (d) open systems theory, and (d) empowerment-oriented theories. 1. Do you find some of these theories more helpful than others? Which ones are most helpful? 2. What theories do you see being used, explicitly or implicitly, in an organization with which you are familiar? Are these the appropriate theories to be used? If not, which ones would be better? I 3. In the human service program, you have been designing, which theory do you plan to apply? Competency Building Activity 5 Designing the Program In previous competency building activities you began the process of creating your own hypothetical human service program. Now you should be ready to decide how to organize your program by addressing the following questions: 1. How should the organization’s work be departmentalized? 2. How should work be divided among departments and individuals? Draw an organizational chart that you could use to describe the agency’s design. 3. How would you make sure that the work of various individuals and groups was effectively coordinated? Competency Building Activity 6: Jobs By now, you have a good sense of the way your hypothetical program will work. As you completed the previous chapter you designed an organizational charge to fit your program’s mission. Now it is time to consider the kinds of jobs that will fit your organization. Identify several of the key jobs that will make your program work. Choose one of these jobs and address the following questions. 1. Briefly describe the job that you have selected 2. What will be the most important activities that the person holding this job will carry out? 3. If you were planning to hire a person for this job, how would you answer the following questions? What would be the primary qualifications the person should have? . 1 How would you assess whether the job candidates possess these qualifications? What would be the key questions you would ask in an interview situation? What answers would you be seeking? .

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